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Robotic Surgery

So often, when a patient is told they need surgery, the reaction is the same—“Will it hurt? Will it leave a terrible scar? How long will it take to recover? What are my options?”

No one wants to face surgery. But there is good news for many surgical candidates—the da Vinci Surgical System. Bakersfield Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in Kern County offering this state-of-the-art robotic system allowing specially trained surgeons to perform a wide range of gynecological or prostate-related surgical procedures.

With da Vinci, the surgeon sits at an attached console while looking directly into a 3-dimensional, HD vision system. The vision system allows the surgeon to perform the procedure while seeing it at high magnification, in radiant color, and with a natural depth of field. Instead of using traditional laparoscopic instruments, they are able to control the da Vinci’s four robotic arms based on his or her own movements, but with even greater accuracy than they would have on their own. With wrist-like instruments called EndoWrist®, the jointed design actually exceeds the normal human range of motion, and the da Vinci’s fail-safe design also accounts for and corrects natural human tremors. And with its miniaturized instruments, the da Vinci can access delicate parts of the human body through tiny incisions.

Because surgery with the da Vinci is minimally invasive, our patients generally report smaller, less noticeable scarring, faster, easier recoveries, significantly less pain and blood loss, and often over-all better outcomes.

If you or a loved one needs surgery for a gynecological or prostate-related condition, the da Vinci Surgical System at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital may be an option.

Click here to find a da Vinci surgeon or call Mercy & Memorial Hospitals Physician Referral & Resource Line at (661) 324-7070.

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