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Pharmacy Services

Pharmcists support patient care

As integral members of our interdisciplinary teams, our pharmacists are directly involved in patient care, monitoring drug therapy, educating patients and interacting with other health care professionals.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide services around the clock to all patients at BMH. They have expanded technology within the department to help ensure precise dispensing of medication, detailed record keeping and timely administration of prescriptions. Technology advancements have included the installation of Pyxis MedStations, an advanced point-of-use system that automates the distribution, tracking, management and control of medications. Pyxis Connect is another tool that allows document imaging to streamline, automate and decentralize the entire physician order process, which allows for more effective communication between pharmacists and nurses, resulting in better patient care.

Our pharmacists are deeply committed to making drug therapy safer, more effective and appropriate.

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